Create an Eco Pitch Deck!

Create an Eco Pitch Deck!


Our team will create a pitch deck that can be used to secure funding, convince clients, and further your own environmentally-friendly cause. Please fill out the “Inquiry” form and our team will get in contact with you.

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Fill out the inquiry form and our team members will get in contact with you! Our desire is to help other businesses that are just starting out by creating an eco-friendly pitch deck. This pitch deck will be based off our client’s business plan and other key industry financials to provide a deeper understanding for our client and their potential investors.

The pitch deck will include the following: (1) your companies name, logo, problem, and proposed solution, (2) the target market, competitors, and funding needs, (3) sales and marketing, (4) financial projections to include a revenue, expenses & cost, and profitability metrics, (5) key milestones, (6) your team, and (7) other relevant information, such as a industry benchmarks, a profit and loss spreadsheet, a balance sheet, and cash flow (if desired).

At $300, you can expect two iterations and the project will be completed in just a 1 week turnaround. Further, if you have other desires that are not expressed, please feel free to include it in your request or in a subsequent e-mail. Further, if you have any inquiries or want to see samples of our work, please contact either or Thank you and please reach out!