Maddie Charland: Arbonne Consultant

Meet Maddie. She’s an Arbonne Consultant.

Every New Year’s Eve, we tend to make promises we can’t keep. We call them resolutions. Last year, the top three resolutions were related to eating healthier, getting more exercise, and saving more money. Only 64 percent continue with their resolutions past the first month and after six months only 46% are still continuing with their resolutions.

Q: “Why did you want to work for Arbonne? What was the motivation?” —Ryan

A: “Arbonne changed my life. And I know that seems dramatic and all, but this product changed my outlook on living a healthy life, so why in the world would I not want to work with a company that has given me so much? The idea that I have the ability now to change people’s lives for the better through Arbonne motivates me every day. All I could ask for is to have one person experience the happiness and success that I have gotten from Arbonne.” —Maddie

Let’s face it. To say it is hard to go to the gym, diet well, perform at work, be a good friend, and a good family member is an understatement. However, Maddie decided to realign her priorities by incorporating the three goals many of us have into one. When she first heard of Arbonne, it was through a friend in college and she was skeptical. We all have friends who are brand ambassadors and sometimes it turns out to be a scam.

However, she realized that she had put on a couple of unhealthy pounds from traveling around Europe for over 20 days. When she came back to the United States, she realized her usual work-outs weren’t cutting it for her. Her diet was off and she got in touch with that same friend who worked with Arbonne, but she waited four months before taking a leap of faith. Although, they sell nutrition, skin-care, and makeup products, Maddie only has used the nutrition line. Despite the good things she has heard about the skin-care and makeup products, she will not unequivocally vouch for any products she has not tried.

“My philosophy is I can only vouch and stand behind things that I have personally tried and had success with. I can 100% say I have had [success] with Arbonne’s nutrition products. I have seen also hundreds of other women and men who have experienced the same things.”


When our team reached out to Maddie, about covering her for a story, we asked her about the company’s sustainability image and the role of competitors. Essentially, we wanted to know if other weight-loss alternative or fitness products had the same eco-conscientious image they were trying to project. Maddie readily mentioned that she was not necessarily familiar of other products and that it would not be fair to speak on another company’s behalf for a product she has not tried. However, she was happy to speak about Arbonne.

For the last 38 years, Arbonne has been on a mission to honor their core philosophy of “pure, safe, beneficial” products that leave a lighter environmental footprint. The company is, currently, carbon-neutral and working towards a zero-waste goal. The California Office has also achieved their zero waste goal. Further, more than 97% of global facilities are at least 75% of the way towards achieving the zero waste goal. Lastly, Arbonne International is a participant in the UN Global Compact — the most prominent, international governmental organization that focuses on promoting human rights, fair labor practices, anti-corruption measures and environmental sustainability.

However, on a day to day basis, consumers are not always actively thinking about what products have which environmental impacts. Ultimately, for Maddie, she realized that her mission is to help make others feel and look good. She “cannot emphasize enough that I did not join this company for the money, rather I joined because I truly believe in their products and what they stand for as a company.”

Disclaimer: We are not endorsing this product or any others. We just would like to convey information.

If you would like to contact Maddie and ask her questions, she would be more than happy to answer them. She has no interest in pressuring someone into doing something they do not want. Her website is, her Instagram account is @maddslyfe_, and email is!

The Rise of the Eco Blogger

Environmental practices are no longer fringe issues.

During the era of Al Gore and before his claims of creating the internet, many environmental activists were decentralized and unable to communicate with each other in the same way that we can do today. Similarly, consumers are learning more about the supply chain structures of companies. This frequent dialogue between firms and consumers has led to the ‘Rise of the Eco Blogger’. While this may sound ominous, we assure you it is not!

“When you tie anything back to revenue most companies will be on board and as marketers, we successfully showed that recycling and reducing trash actually equaled cost savings. As for changing the mentality of others in the company to get on board with recycling the educating piece helped to some degree. The real change began with us stepping up and becoming advocates within the company.”

Cheryl Cross, @theecofriendlymom on Instagram

Below are five Eco bloggers that we would like to highlight and share with our viewership. We chose some of these people based upon impact and others based upon growth potential! Feel free to look them up and we encourage readers to check out their pages.

  1. Sustainability in Style on the web.

  2. Simply Carbon on the web.

  3. on Instagram

  4. Conscious Tay on the web.

  5. @theecofriendlymom on Instagram.

While all of the above are great resources, we would like to briefly highlight #5 on our list. When we talked to Cheryl Cross, she recently began her @theecofriendlymom in 2018. Despite the freshness of her blog, Cheryl more than makes up for it with her passion for the environment. Like so many of our readers, not only does her blog bring her joy, but she also loves to share tips and “bring awareness to causes that are important to [her].”

Without a doubt, she noted, “inspiring and educating others to make or feel empowered to make zero waste changes is what compels me”. When asked further about her time since college to now, she further explained how awareness for single-use issues has re-surged and companies are now focusing on more sustainable, renewable practices. This gives her hope to believe we could make significant strides in eliminating single-use products. For example, Anheuser-Busch released their sustainable 2025 developmental goals and their presence will encourage others to do the same.

We hope you have a great Sunday and be sure to check back in on our articles! Go follow each of the above accounts and read more!