Fortnite And Forests

Billionaire Video Game Tycoon Cares.

That’s not a headline you read everyday in the news. Contrary to what many believe or read, members of the ultra-wealthy enjoy giving away their money in causes that they believe in. Just look at the Bill and Melinda Gates’ Giving Pledge, were more than 150 billionaires have decided to donate over half of their assets once they die.

“The idea is to put my money to work for conservation,”

Tim Sweeney in WNC Magazine, May 2014

Tim Sweeney is no different. As an entrepreneur and video game enthusiast, he has created blockbuster hits like Gears of War and, recently, Fortnite. With over 200 million registered players, the multi-billion dollar game gave him the financial ability to help our planet. In particular, with that money, Mr. Sweeney has invested back into his home state of North Carolina. Since 2008, Mr. Sweeney has purchased over 40,000 acres of land. He regularly either donates the land for conservation easement like the 7,000 acres he donated to the Box Creek Wilderness or holds onto the land until he can find the right person.

Mr. Sweeney’s love of nature started when he was young. He grew up taking family vacation to his grandmother’s small farm in the mountains of Southwest Virginia. When asked about his short term plans for a recent 1,500 acre acquisition, he stated “I just plan to hike it and do some tree thinning and burning for ecosystem restoration until I find a permanent conservancy or state home for it.”

Keep doing what you do, Mr. Sweeney. If you’re interested in learning more about our forest, learn more from the National Forest Foundation.