The Conservation Alliance

Environmental Businesses Should Check Out The Conservation Alliance.

The Conservation Alliance was founded in 1989 by key outdoor industry leaders, such as REI, Patagonia, or The North Face. Since the organization was established, the Conservation Alliance has worked with businesses of all sizes for the shared goal of increasing preservation efforts. With over $20 million in donations, the Alliance has managed to help save “51 million acres of wildlands; protect 3,102 miles of rivers; stop or remove 30 dams; designate five marine reserves; and purchase 13 climbing areas”.

To be a member, however, there are stipulations. Not only does a business have to complete an application, but the firm also has to contribute at a rate of $1,000 per $1,000,000 in revenue or 0.1%. Also, what’s fantastic about the organization is the knowledge that 100% of funds go directly towards 501c3 organizations. The operating expenses are paid for by the Legacy Fund Endowment and additional member funds that are specifically earmarked.

Not only does the Conservation Alliance provide transparency on their website on how funds are appropriated, but the organization has received positive reviews from charity watch-dogs. One example is “Charity Navigator” that provides a thorough compensation breakdown of the organization leader, the revenue and various expenses of the firm, and financial indicators like “fundraising efficiency”. For the Conservation Alliance the cost to raise $1 is only $0.02.

So, next time you are thinking about giving someone your 2 cents — think about giving it to the Conservation Alliance.

Parting Thoughts!

If your business is interested in aligning its environmental values with an established conservation organization, be sure to check out the Conservation Alliance!