Smart Green Venture Capital Firms

According to Climate Action, the Sustainability Sector employs over 4.5 million people!

Back in 2011, the Sustainability Sector only supported 3.4 millions. This massive surge is only indicative of a growing niche sector as apparel brands, like REI or Patagonia, continue to experience growth. And there is a reason why the outdoor industry is selling.

When considering the lifeblood of the American Economy, it would be part to mention industries without mentioning energy. Of that, installation and management of solar panels often lead to better paying jobs when compared to the median numbers. To elaborate, wages are higher than $17 / hr and result in an additional $5k per year. Definitely something to think about when considering whether college is worth it — something Gary Vaynerchuk loves to ask.

So, if you have a great idea and are seeking a capital infusion, here are a list of our favorite 5.

  1. BP Ventures

  2. DBL Partners

  3. Generation Investment Management

  4. IP Group

  5. SET Ventures

If you want to read more about the firms, check them out here!